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Post.:TBC:. L4D2 Config by Runner

On the .:TBC:. I use the confogl plugin as a tool to limit items and tweak aspects of game play that make versus more blanced between survivors and infected. Generally I find that the default settings for L4D2 are a little noob friendly and put a lot of advantage in the Survivors hands through to many items in levels and vast spawn distances hampering infected. Also our config supports readup for every single round.

Confogl itself, I find, is a little to harsh and removes a lot of interesting features of L4D2, but I can see its purpose in competition - if, like us, you like to play VS between friends but find servers are too easy then have a look below:

Code: Select all
//General Server Cvars
//sv_pure 2
confogl_addcvar sv_cheats 0
confogl_addcvar vs_max_team_switches 9999
confogl_addcvar sv_consistency 0
confogl_addcvar sv_pure_kick_clients 0
confogl_addcvar sv_voiceenable 1
confogl_addcvar sv_alltalk 0
confogl_addcvar sv_log_onefile 0
confogl_addcvar sv_logbans 1
confogl_addcvar sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0
confogl_addcvar mp_gamemode "versus"

//Bandwidth/Rate Settings
confogl_addcvar sv_minrate 20000
confogl_addcvar sv_maxrate 30000
confogl_addcvar sv_minupdaterate 20
confogl_addcvar sv_maxupdaterate 30
confogl_addcvar sv_mincmdrate 20
confogl_addcvar sv_maxcmdrate 30
confogl_addcvar sv_client_min_interp_ratio 0
confogl_addcvar sv_client_max_interp_ratio 2

//ReadyUp Cvars
l4d_ready_enabled               "1"                              // 1 (default) = enable readying-up, 0 (default) = disable readying-up
l4d_ready_minimum_players         "8"                              // number of players that need to be in the server before the match can go live (default: 8)
l4d_ready_search_key_disable      "0"                              // 1 (default) = Automatically disable plugin if sv_search_key is blank, 0 = ignore value of sv_search_key
l4d_ready_competition            "0"                              // 0 (default) = all plugins are loaded, 1 = disable all plugins but the competition ones
l4d_ready_pause_allowed            "10"                           // (default 3) allows each time to pause that many times per campaign, 0 = unlimited pauses
l4d_ready_pause_duration         "120"                           // (default 90) the minimum required time of the pause, before either team can unpause
l4d_ready_connect_enabled         "1"                              // enable/disable connect announcements (useful during pauses)
l4d_ready_cfg_name               ".:TBC:. Confogl"                  // allows cfg creators to display an indication of what config and version the server is running
confogl_addcvar l4d_ready_both_halves            "1"                  // 1 = ready up before both halves, 0 (default) = ready up only before the first half
confogl_addcvar l4d_ready_server_cfg            ""                  // specify the cfg to execute after the map changes, used to overwrite server.cfg for competitive configs (default: "")
confogl_addcvar l4d_ready_disable_spawns         "0"                  // Prevent SI from having ghost-mode spawns during readyup.

// Meta Cvars
confogl_match_allowvoting         "1"                              // Sets whether players can vote/request for match mode
confogl_match_checkversion         "1"                              // Check the current running version of Confogl to Confogl's homepage. Will notify players if the server is running an outdated version of Confogl
confogl_match_execcfg_off         "confogl_off.cfg"                  // Execute this config file upon match mode ends.
confogl_match_execcfg_on         "confogl.cfg"                     // Execute this config file upon match mode starts.
confogl_match_execcfg_plugins      "confogl_plugins.cfg"               // Execute this config file upon match mode starts.
confogl_match_killlobbyres         "1"                              // Sets whether the plugin will clear lobby reservation once a match have begun
confogl_match_restart            "1"                              // Sets whether the plugin will restart the map upon match mode being forced or requested

//Main plugin Cvars
confogl_addcvar confogl_boss_tank               "1"                  // Tank can't be prelight, frozen and ghost until player takes over, punch fix, and no rock throw for AI tank while waiting for player
confogl_addcvar confogl_boss_unprohibit          "1"                  // Enable bosses spawning on all maps, even through they normally aren't allowed
confogl_addcvar confogl_lock_boss_spawns         "1"                  // Enables forcing same coordinates for tank and witch spawns (excluding tanks during finales)
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_escape_tank         "1"                  // Removes tanks which spawn as the rescue vehicle arrives on finales
confogl_addcvar confogl_disable_tank_hordes         "0"                  // Disables natural hordes while tanks are in play
confogl_addcvar confogl_block_punch_rock         "1"                  // Block tanks from punching and throwing a rock at the same time

confogl_addcvar confogl_blockinfectedbots         "0"                  // Blocks infected bots from joining the game, minus when a tank spawns (allows players to spawn a AI infected first before taking control of the tank)
confogl_addcvar confogl_ghost_warp               "1"                  // Sets whether infected ghosts can right click for warp to next survivor
confogl_addcvar confogl_disable_ghost_hurt         "0"                  // Prevents ghost infected from dying when falling into water or off c1m1
confogl_addcvar confogl_reduce_finalespawnrange      "1"                  // Adjust the spawn range on finales for infected, to normal spawning range
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_inf_clips         "1"                  // Removes all infected clip brushes.  This fixes tanks getting stuck on Dark Carnival 5 and allows a bit more area for infected to spawn on a few maps
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_c5m4_hurts         "1"                  // Removes nonlethal explosion hurt triggers from c5m4, including some for up to 50 damage

confogl_addcvar confogl_limit_tier2               "0"                  // Limit tier 2 weapons outside safe rooms. Replaces a tier 2 stack with tier 1 upon first weapon pickup
confogl_addcvar confogl_limit_tier2_saferoom      "0"                  // Limit tier 2 weapons inside safe rooms. Replaces a tier 2 stack with tier 1 upon first weapon pickup
confogl_addcvar confogl_limit_hr               "2"                  // Limits the maximum number of hunting rifles at one time to this number

confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_parachutist         "0"                  // Removes the parachutist (and his items) from c3m2_swamp.

confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_chainsaw          "0"                  // Remove all chainsaws
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_defib             "0"                  // Remove all defibrillators
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_grenade            "0"                  // Remove all grenade launchers
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_m60                  "0"                     // Remove all M60 rifles
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_lasersight          "0"                  // Remove all laser sight upgrades
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_saferoomitems      "0"                  // Remove all extra items inside saferooms (items for slot 3, 4 and 5, minus medkits)
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_upg_explosive      "0"                  // Remove all explosive upgrade packs
confogl_addcvar confogl_remove_upg_incendiary      "0"                  // Remove all incendiary upgrade packs

confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_cssweapons         "1"                  // Replace CSS weapons with normal L4D2 weapons
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_startkits         "0"                  // Replace medkits at mission start with pain pills
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_finalekits         "0"                  // Replace medkits during finale with pain pills
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_tier2            "0"                  // Replace tier 2 weapons in start and end safe room with their tier 1 equivalent
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_tier2_finale      "0"                  // Replace tier 2 weapons in start safe room with their tier 1 equivalent, on finale
confogl_addcvar confogl_replace_tier2_all         "0"                  // Replace ALL tier 2 weapons with their tier 1 equivalent EVERYWHERE

confogl_addcvar confogl_waterslowdown            "0"                  // Sets whether water will slowdown the survivors by another 15%

confogl_addcvar confogl_enable_itemtracking         "1"                  // Enable the itemtracking module, which controls and limits item spawns. Item Limits will be read from Cvars and mapinfo.txt, with preferences to mapinfo settings
confogl_addcvar confogl_itemtracking_savespawns      "1"                  // Keep item spawns the same on both rounds. Item spawns will be remembered from round1 and reproduced on round2.
confogl_addcvar confogl_itemtracking_mapspecific   "1"                  // Allow ConVar limits to be overridden by mapinfo.txt limits
confogl_addcvar confogl_pills_limit               "2"                  // Limits the number of pain pills on each map outside of saferooms. -1: no limit; >=0: limit to cvar value
confogl_addcvar confogl_adrenaline_limit         "2"                  // Limits the number of adrenaline shots on each map outside of saferooms. -1: no limit; >=0: limit to cvar value
confogl_addcvar confogl_pipebomb_limit            "3"                  // Limits the number of pipe bombs on each map outside of saferooms. -1: no limit; >=0: limit to cvar value
confogl_addcvar confogl_molotov_limit            "1"                  // Limits the number of molotovs on each map outside of saferooms. -1: no limit; >=0: limit to cvar value
confogl_addcvar confogl_vomitjar_limit            "1"                  // Limits the number of bile bombs on each map outside of saferooms. -1: no limit; >=0: limit to cvar value

confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_enable               "0"                  // Enable the health bonus style scoring
confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_healthbonusratio         "2.0"               // Multiplier to apply to the health bonus
confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_survivalbonusratio      "0.0"               // Multiplier applied to total max distance to create a survival bonus for each survivor
confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_tempmulti_incap_0      "0.30625"            // Multiplier to apply to temp health of players with no incaps
confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_tempmulti_incap_1      "0.17500"            // Multiplier to apply to temp health of players with one incap
confogl_addcvar confogl_SM_tempmulti_incap_2      "0.10000"            // Multiplier to apply to temp health of players with two incap (and are black and white)

confogl_addcvar sv_infected_ceda_vomitjar_probability 0.3
confogl_addcvar z_fallen_max_count 0
confogl_addcvar gascan_spit_time 2
confogl_addcvar z_mob_spawn_min_size 40
confogl_addcvar z_mob_spawn_max_size 45
confogl_addcvar z_mob_spawn_min_interval_normal 100
confogl_addcvar z_mob_spawn_max_interval_normal 100
confogl_addcvar ammo_shotgun_max 90
confogl_addcvar sv_force_time_of_day 0
confogl_addcvar z_ghost_delay_min 20
confogl_addcvar z_ghost_delay_max 25
confogl_addcvar director_vs_convert_pills 0
confogl_addcvar director_convert_pills 0
confogl_addcvar director_convert_pills_critical_health 0
confogl_addcvar director_convert_pills_to_defib_health 0
confogl_addcvar versus_tank_chance 0.7
confogl_addcvar versus_tank_chance_finale 0
confogl_addcvar versus_tank_chance_intro 0.2
confogl_addcvar versus_tank_flow_team_variation  0
confogl_addcvar versus_witch_chance 0.2
confogl_addcvar versus_witch_chance_finale 0.1
confogl_addcvar versus_witch_chance_intro 0.6
confogl_addcvar versus_boss_flow_max 0.9
confogl_addcvar versus_boss_flow_max_intro 0.9
confogl_addcvar versus_boss_flow_min 0.15
confogl_addcvar versus_boss_flow_min_intro 0.15
confogl_addcvar tank_stuck_time_suicide 999999999
confogl_addcvar director_tank_lottery_selection_time 1
confogl_addcvar z_witch_damage_per_kill_hit 60
confogl_addcvar z_witch_personal_space 240
confogl_addcvar z_leap_interval_post_incap 10
confogl_addcvar z_jockey_control_variance 0.7


// Client Cvar Tracking      <cvar>             <hasMin>   <min>   <hasMax>   <max>
confogl_trackclientcvar      "cl_interp"          "1"       "0.0"   "1"         "0.1"
confogl_trackclientcvar      "mat_hdr_level"      "1"           "2.0"   "0"         "0.0"

sm_killlobbyres                                    // Removes the lobby reservation cookie

exec confogl_personalize.cfg

A lot of the cvars are split between the server.cfg and confogl,cfg, this is mainly bad house keeping on my behalf as any cvar that appeared in confogl I deleted from the server.cfg. I should probally port the rest of the commands in from the server.cfg to the confogl.cfg but I'm currently going with the approach of don't fix what isn't broken :)

Code: Select all
//--> Server Details
//Host Name
hostname "Total Banter Community | L4D2 Server (UK) (Stats)"
// Rcon Cvars
rcon_password "******" //Set’s remote control password
sv_steamgroup "******" // Steam group ID number
// Server password
//sv_password "******"
//in game browser
sv_tags "Browser"

sm_cvar l4d_maxplayers  "8"

//--> Server CVARs
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 1
mp_disable_autokick 1
//Prevents a userid from being auto-kicked
sv_allow_wait_command 1
//Allow or disallow the wait command on clients connected to this server.
sv_alternateticks 0
//If set, server only simulates entities on even numbered ticks.
sv_clearhinthistory 0
//Clear memory of server side hints displayed to the player.

// Lan or internet play, Server region cvars
sv_lan 0
//Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
sv_region 3
// Region Codes: 0 - US East coast, 1 - US West coast, 2 - South America, 3 - Europe, 4 - Asia, 5 - Australia, 6 - Middle East, 7 - Africa, 255 - world

//--> Server Logging
log on
sv_rcon_log "1"
sv_logsdir "logs"
sv_logecho 0 //Echo log information to the console.
sv_logfile 1 //Log server information in the log file.
sv_logflush 0 //Flush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
sv_logsdir “logs” //Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.
sv_search_key "******"
superlogs_actions 1
superlogs_meleeoverride 0
superlogs_wstats 1
superlogs_headshots 1

// stats
log 1
logaddress_add ****************
log on

//--> Server Rates
sv_unlag 1
sv_maxunlag .5

//--> Custom Modifications for a competitive hike
sm_cvar z_spawn_safety_range "200"
sm_cvar z_finale_spawn_safety_range "250"
sm_cvar z_ghost_spawn_in_start "1"
//--> 0

sm_cvar z_frustration_lifetime "35"
//-->20 duration in seconds tank frustration last without attacking survivors

//--> TANK %
//--> Percentile chance of tank spawn per team.
//--> "1.0" = 100%, "0.95" = 95%, "0.9" = 90%, etc.

sm_cvar director_tank_force_offer 2
//--> Force the director to spawn a tank on each level.

sm_cvar versus_boss_flow_max 0.9
//--> Tank can spawn up to 90% of map distance in levels
//--> Excluding the first level.

//--> WITCH %
//--> Percentile chance of witch spawn per team.
//--> "1.0" = 100%, "0.95" = 95%, "0.9" = 90%, etc.
sm_cvar versus_witch_flow_team_variation 0.0

//--> Verse Fixes

sm_cvar director_min_start_players 8
//-->1 game freezes until player value reached

//--> Tougher Witch
sm_cvar z_witch_anger_rate "0.2"
sm_cvar z_witch_attack_range "60"
sm_cvar z_witch_berserk_range "300"
sm_cvar z_witch_damage "100"
sm_cvar z_witch_flashlight_range "400"
sm_cvar z_witch_health "1000"
sm_cvar z_witch_hostile_at_me_anger "2"
//--> 2
sm_cvar z_witch_min_threat_time "5"
sm_cvar z_witch_relax_rate "0.05"
sm_cvar z_witch_speed "350"
sm_cvar z_witch_threat_hostile_range "400"
sm_cvar z_witch_threat_normal_range "700"
sm_cvar z_witch_tongue_range "200"
//-->100 If a tongue passes this close to a witch's head, she will

//----> End of editable settings
confogl_match_alwayson 1

I'll try and update this topic when ever we make changes to the config but hopefully this is a good guide/bench mark to those of you out there running servers.

List of CVARs
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