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.:TBC:. Witch Config

Post.:TBC:. Witch Config by Runner

As a few of you have been suprised to see me crown the witch I thought it best to share the servers config so that you can try it yourself on a local server:)

Also to anyother communities I recommend these settings as I've tweaked around to find an improved and tough witch that has better balance and game play in VS. I've commented out the default figures for each server as a reference for my self but also it helps you see what I have changed.

Code: Select all
//--> Tougher Witch
sm_cvar z_witch_anger_rate "0.2"
sm_cvar z_witch_attack_range "60"
sm_cvar z_witch_berserk_range "300"
sm_cvar z_witch_damage "100"
sm_cvar z_witch_flashlight_range "400"
sm_cvar z_witch_health "1000"
sm_cvar z_witch_hostile_at_me_anger "2"
//--> 2
sm_cvar z_witch_min_threat_time "5"
sm_cvar z_witch_relax_rate "0.05"
sm_cvar z_witch_speed "350"
sm_cvar z_witch_threat_hostile_range "400"
sm_cvar z_witch_threat_normal_range "700"
sm_cvar z_witch_tongue_range "200"
//-->100 If a tongue passes this close to a witch's head, she will

confogl_addcvar z_witch_personal_space 240

Enjoy :)
Signed Runner

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