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PostLeft 4 dead guide from a noob for noobs! by Jasperman

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General stuff you should be doing

1) Put your headset Son!

In my mind, two most important requirements to play well are: a mic for good communication, essential for teamwork and general fun, and sound, SUCH A BONUS as im able to tell what zombie class is around and which room or which corner it is hiding behind, a very useful thing to know.

2) Your Mouse has two buttons! (atleast)

Yes yes yes, shooting is fun, its loud and you get to see zombie legs heads and arms flying all over the place! BUT an essential tool is the melee (default right click) which is not used enough by people in my mind, so many great bonuses to using it often 1) saves ammo, 2) stops u being hit, 3) stops u being incapacitated by hunters, 4) can save a group wipe. Use it on boomers which have already vomited and come running in hoping to get shot, it pushes them back so that u can shoot them and not be exploded on, this prevents the horde being alerted. Use it on anyone incapacitated by hunter or smoker, the number of times ive been screaming down the mic MELEE MEEEE!!!! Whilst somebody runs up to me and then starts shooting…. The best thing to do if someone has been pounced or tongued is to run straight towards them WHILST shooting. It is the fastest way and saves hp for the player in need.

3) Remember the horror movies!

"Lets split up and go for help!" is always the dooming statement in many horror movies, try it in l4d and guess what happens. In my mind you need all 4 players to survive a properly coordinated infected attack, there will be atleast 2 hunters and a smoker so if they get taken at same time it leaves one to clear up the mess…

4) L2P

Obvious comment, but practice makes perfect, learn the tricks of the trade listed below and keep it all going and ul find your score and performance improving J



Find a corner, crouch, shoot and melee when they at melee range. Simple


Find a LONG HALLWAY or OPEN SPACE or areas to this affect, spread out as far as possible run and gun, if tank isn't going for you and u have autoshotty get close and fuck him and then run early as possible. If u panick and run backwards into an enclosed space its game over for you


For details on the one shot kill move read below, but in general its best to spread out in similar fasion to tank and just shoot the shit out of her until shes dead, the person who startles her should immediately start running away as she will keep attacking you until ur dead. (not just down)


Smoker is the most underpowered infected class to my mind, their main attack (the tongue) is pretty pathetic in that it takes a long time to do damage cus you have to drag ur target, it does the least damage id guess half of what hunter does, and if u miss ur fucked…. If u know there is a smoker around, first alert the group, tell them your going after him OR tell them your leaving him. If you choose to 1v1 him get close upto him as fast as possible, try jumping around and shooting constantly, it unsettles them and if they miss the first attack they generally make a run for it meaning you win. TO quickly help a player incapped by a smoker simple run and gun towards the player and melee him when ur next to him, this instantly releases him from the tongue.


For details on melee exploit and stealth tips read below, I find the MOST effective way to deal with hunters are the tips below and also using your terrain. Hunters cant jump through doors and immediately pounce, nor technically can they jump around corners and pounce on u immediately (although its happened to me once or twice) The best thing to do is find a pillar or wall corner get behind it, wait for hunter to pounce round and whack him in face with melee. Then its game over for him, just keep meleeing until hes dead. To quickly help a player incapped by a hunter again just run and gun until u can melee him off.


Sound is your best bet, boomer and smoker are the easiest to hear as they make a sound regardless, I have killed many boomers by hearing where they are and shooting through a wall in general direction, you'll be surprised how well it works. If for whatever reason you know where they are but cant shoot em through wall, either launch a Molotov for easy kill or alert the group that ur about to be puked on and send one person alone to take the sick, Once you've been puked on stand behind the group and let them kill the zombies. If the Boomer jumps in middle of group, he wants you to shoot him, he will have his puke attack on cool down and so will be wanted to explode on you for more points, to counter this melee him away and shoot him when hes at a far enough distance from the group.

General Survivor tips:


Save your ammo, if theres just a few scattered zombies here and there staring at a wall, there is no need to unleash your demon 50 round clip on to him and a few extra shots whilst hes dead on the ground. Either melee or spam your pistols as they have infinite ammo. I tend to only use main weapon against hordes, boss classes or if im in a hurry (emergency).

React quickly, if someone is standing next to you screaming HELP!!! Please just make it your no1 priority and give him a quick melee to save. Keeps the groups hp higher for longer

Car alarms, just stay away from these at all costs, in versus mode players will try to use car alarms and witches to their advantaged by going smoker standing behind car and dragging a player towards it, if this happens melee the player and run away from the car, don't shoot the infected around it just leave them be.

Save your nades, a pipe bomb is so sexy when used right, it shouldn't be used when u see 2 zombies close together! Or even for that matter when its just an npc horde, it should be used when one person is incapped and a boomer has puked on the other three, for example.

Keep your health high if possible, you never know when your going to need it, I personally use my med kit's the second I hit orange hp, especially if ur still waiting on the tank to come as you move faster when ur health is "green".

Bullets dont get stuck in every wall, guns have more wall penetration than in say css so if u think there is a boomer behind a wall, jusst shoot in the direction of the sound several times, gets me a few cheeky kills

Survivor Tricks!:

The Melee Glitch:

Unsure how long this will be around for, but when you fast weapon switch (default Q) if you spam this along with right click it does an extremely fast melee which can kill a hunter in seconds and keep any number of infected, facing you, away.

Stealth Mode:

As survivor when u stand still and put flashlight off, the infected boss classes cannot see you through walls, I.e they cant see your colour outline, this can be used to great effect by going stealth around corners whilst the other group members continue onwards a bit, you can then catch the smoker or hunter who is planning an attack from the rear, BUT you should always inform your group your doing this so they don't power off without you and are ready to help you if u mess up.

Listen for the Music:

There are 3 unchanging music sounds that occur when an event happens, watch out for them, learn them and it gives you a quick headstart, these are the:


One Shot the Witch:

Grab an Auto Shotty, Slow walk (default shift), creep up behind ur until your at point blank range, and unleash your clip into the back of her skull. Not a guaranteed one shot kill but ive done it 90% times ive tried it. Bit of luck and your smooth sailing.

Infected Tips:


Simple to play with high rewards, spawn near a corner, room etc and wait for them to pass or come in, puke all over them and then run off and reap the rewards, if u miss your puke or need to puke on em quickly just run in and hope u get shot, n00bs don't fail to oblige. You should also make use of a key binding kill to X, as when u commit suicide as boomer you explode . Another neat trick is that if you fall from a great hight you explode. This can make for a truly surprising attack, and can be used to great effect on NO MERCY campaign. Boomer should be regarded as the Playmaker, without a good horde attacking hunter pounces and smoker tongues are pretty useless.


Please don't go "GREAT I CAN POUNCE" lets jump in immediately and kill all 4 in a second! It wont happen, you pounce in a second later your meleed off and have a nice respawn time to wait. Your best bet is to stalk the group and wait for an opportune moment, use the infected "wall hack" to assess the situation, once their puked on or one is on his own then its your time to strike.

If your crouch as hunter, you make perhaps the MOST NOISE of all the classes, stand up normal and you make NO NOISE. You should only be crouching when they are ready for a pouncing, otherwise they know where you are and its game over already. Watch where you are pouncing also, as u can steal a smokers kill or pounce on the wrong target if your not careful.


In my mind the one with the most appeal and the most disappointing, the tongue is extremely glitch, you can drag someone for 100 miles and have 0 points at the end of it and even when u are attacking them you do the least dmg per second. But however it is great for isolating somebody without their own doing. It is used to best effect when u wait for a few pouncings and boomer pukes before you choose your target. Sometimes you can win the game my just being patient and picking the best moment. But the likelihood is at the end of your life you'll have the least points.


Use the boomer as the "playmaker", if players have been puked on the only way of knowing someone else has been incapped is if they are told by the player, they cannot see SHIT, so wait form the to be puked on and pick your target, (it helps if you go for the ones not puked on or furthest away)

Tanks arent invincible:

You should be aware that although u feel when playing tank that your in the cast for 300 and are completely unstoppable, its not the case, try to run behind cover to avoid dmg taken until you are in melee range, then pick on one target (chey is hes available) until he is down and move on. Normally one perosn will lose his nerve and back into a closed room or object or make a run for it. Leave players who make a run for it for the hunters/smokers to sort out, just concentrate on the ones shooting at you.

Another trick ive seen but not used yet is hitting cars, you can hit a car and it goes FLYING. Use this to immediately incappacitate any player hit by it. Ive seen the tank spawn and wipe the group in 5 seconds by hitting all 4 with one car…

END OF GUIDE - Senz & Jasper aided in several of these tips and tricks so kudos to them!

Add your own to make the perfect beginners guide!

This was a guide for L4D1 but i believe a lot of the same applies to L4D2

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PostRe: Left 4 dead guide from a noob for noobs! by wickedwillie

THIS is what i need!!!

Anyone else some decent tips? Not that i need it of course... :ph34r:
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