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Road Tax

PostRoad Tax by Runner

After having written all this down in the Banter box I decided to recap and preserve my opinion on Road Tax.

Before I begin I think that most Tax in this country is poorly calculated and collected, providing more punishment to Tax payers than credible or useful incentive for change. So with that in mind here are my views on improving road tax to help the environment and us, the average Joe:

1) Fuel Tax Over Road Tax
I'd remove road tax as we know it and rely on taxing the fuel alone so people would pay proportionately for the amount they drove - it's simple fair and transparent. As part of this Tax people driving electric cars (or other future power sources) would pay a rate based on milage, information that would then be recorded more accurately in M.O.T's and hold these un-environmentally manufactured cars inline with their combustion counterparts and help them pay for the up keep of the roads they use.
This way if you where self employed and where having to use a car for business you would pay more because as you are driving around a lot and covering more miles than an average road user but you would then claim back the fuel taxes against your earnings reducing the impact on yourself and your business.

2) Tax Manufacturers for CO2 Not The Consumer
Then I would introduce a new corporate tax, calculated over the year, that draws money from the car industry for the levels of CO2 that their new cars produce. I think that it's absurd to Tax the drivers as it does not pressure the manufacturers enough to improve the efficiency of their products.
This new CO2 Tax would be based on the emissions class index, that currently exists, weighed against the petrol used across the UK by the model of car, so every litre of fuel you put in your ford fiesta is recorded and offset to a ratio based on the cars emission rating to produce a bill for Ford, the manufacturer, to pay for the carbon footprint of that car. This would encourage/force manufactures to create cleaner cars.
Now to stop high performance cars being taken out of the market I would have another factor in formulating this tax rate, I would take into account the market share of each car so for example a ford fiesta would be charged a lot more than a ferrari 458 italia because of the volume/proportion of them on the road. This would then not harm the high performance car industry or the owners of those cars as their contribution to the co2 footprint is proportionately smaller and therefore the tax for that car model would be too.

3) Transition - Don't Kill The Industry
To be fair to the car industry and for this to be a feasible transition I would target a 10 year time frame before introducing this system giving manufactures time to develop and react to the change. I would also only apply the "car model tax" to new cars sold after that date. Drivers of cars bought/made before that date would continue paying the current/original road tax system but at a much more reduced cost (to account for the fuel tax rise) but still ending up slightly more expensive then running a new car thus adding incentive to buy the new cars.

4) Haulage/Coaches
Commercial Vehicles would have a lower fixed fuel tax as they could potentially by from other countries as they transport goods between countries and be charged on mileage like electric cars. Lorries entering the UK and registered in other territories would then pay a flat entrance fee or road tax much like or similar to the current swiss road tax. I would then also ban Lorries from roads during key rush hour times.

The above four measures could, in my opinion, generate the same income that is current generated through road tax and fuel tax but more importantly it would be fairer for drivers as their cost would reflect their use of the road and car manufactures would have real incentive to create a car for the masses that was kinder to the environment without the death of our performance industry.

Feel free to comment on the above (and ignore the generally horrific grammar and spelling), just thought I'd write it down as it's something that annoys me.

(Endorsed by Tirielis and Chef)
Signed Runner

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