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Black Desert Character Creator - Free Download

PostBlack Desert Character Creator - Free Download by RubberJonny

Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO that was highlighted way back in 2014 for its extensive character customisation: Video from :

And now the Character Creation Tool is free to download. So let those creative juices flow and make something beautiful or beautifully hideous! :D Video from :

Black Desert Online will be getting EU servers early March and it looks to be a very good game with some really appealing features for the non-standard type MMO players such as myself:
  • An active combat system requiring precise manual aiming, dodging & comboing, unlike the tab-targeting system seen in older MMORPGs.
  • A parkour system, similar to that seen in Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed, allowing players to climb, explore and interact with buildings and obstacles.
  • Players will be able to engage in mounted combat. Mounts are acquired by taming in the wild and players are able to breed special mounts by mating certain types. Mounts require feeding and care, cannot be stored in the inventory, and may be killed.
  • A dynamic, worldwide weather system which will include large scale events such as typhoons and will influence gameplay. Localized weather will include events such as temporary fog which players may exploit to launch surprise attacks on rival guild structures. Seasonal weather changes or travelling to areas with different climates will require the player to adjust their equipment, for example using warmer clothing in cold weather which also impacts on a player's statistics.
  • Over 2.8 Million words currently in the game, subject to increase as more quests are created. Video from :

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