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Trevor introduced me to HiRez's new objective based FPS called Paladins, a group of us had a great time playing the beta over the weekend. Basically you two teams of 5 that have a base containing a vault which is protected by three gates. There are three outpost areas that spawn one at a time that you contest like conquest in battlefield to spawn a seige tower that then rolls on to the enemy base. You can only attack the enemy base while the seige tower is alive.

There are a number of different champions that you can play as and in game you get a series of cards that each have different abilities and stat lines, so each game is always a bit different as there is a certain amount of luck to which cards, OP or otherwise, you draw.

Basically its a load of fun Video from :

I have a few beta keys I can pass on if anyone is interested then holla
Signed Runner

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