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About Us...
The Total Banter community was founded by a group of friends who all met playing counterstrike:source, some of us have known each other from as far back as 2005 where we all met in a wonderful community formally know as the NBR. This community is the rebirth; the next chapter in this friendly community’s history. We have a unique humour and atmosphere in our servers and our forum that we hope you all come to love and enjoy as much as we do!

Everyone here started from the bottom and worked their way up, we really value our members and do our best to reward them as best we can! All of our admins are long term players of this community that have supported us most importantly with their time and presence – a community is nothing with out the people in it! So my best advice too any new member of the forum is to get in on the banter, make friends and have fun – that’s the best way you can support this community. We support any game and you will find our game section in the forum is full of many varieties of posts and discussions for all types of gaming.

Gone are the days of our CS:S server, our mumble server is now the place we now all meet up to talk rubbish while playing games. Log on and and you'll find a host of different channels for different games, hang around in the banterbox channel if your looking for a game and invite your frineds - IP

Left 4 Dead 2 is currently our only game server and thus by default our flagship... for now. We have a tailor-made version of confogl that restricts the amount of items in each map, locking tank/witch spawns to the same location for each team as well as increasing the witch sensitivity so their an actual threat now. The server is visible to community members that have donated money, if you fancy a game get in mumble and contact someone from this steam group.

Our forum and servers are all found out of our own pockets by the admins, slot holders and donators so if you do find you like your stay here please find your way to the donation page, as every penny that hits our paypal only ever is used to fund current and new servers. Currently we are waiting to select a new flagship FPS server before asking for anymore donations - watch this space

From All Of Us At The TBC Welcome!
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