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TBC Forum 3.0 Release

PostTBC Forum 3.0 Release by Runner

.:TBC:. Forum 3.0

After many months of pissing around on the test site known as 'the shire' (at times tearing my hear out) I have finished the new forum skin. I say 'finished' but ofc its really out of alpha and into beta and I'm positive bugs will be found and adjustments made as people stumble across things I didn't notice in my testing environment. I've also taken a break from this for a month and will now see things with fresh eyes.

The release of this has been held back by about 6 weeks due to conflicts with the arcade mod and 2 new mods I wish to bring to the forum in the near future. I wanted to hold back to do one big release which but have decided to let this out on the streets for now and as a result disable the arcade.

I have also closed the website feedback thread and have started a new topic as hopefully some of the issues in previous thread may have been resolved. Some of bugs haven't and for this I apologise but I will do my best as always to address issues with the forum when I can. Please post your bug finds here

Please have a look around, I hope you guys like it. It has been an interesting/fun/frustrating/educational process for me and I feel I've learnt a lot about "how to break" the forum more artistically then I have before.

Signed Runner

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