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How To Install L4D2 Maps

PostHow To Install L4D2 Maps by Runner

Step 1
Download the map from one of our topics (or other sites), the map will come in a compressed format, either .rar or .zip file, which contains the map itself.

Step 2
Once the file is downloaded open the compressed file, inside there will be a single .vpk file, that is the map it self (you will need a program such as winrar to open the .rar)

Step 3
Open your steam folder on the C drive (or where ever you have steam installed) and navigate to the "addons" folder: steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2\addons
Drag the .vpk file to this destination.

Step 4
If steam is open close the program and restart it otherwise the new file will not load up. When you next launch steam and left4dead the game will show in the map selection under the default maps.

Playing Custom Maps On The .:TBC:. Server
You will only be able to play custom maps on our server if they have been uploaded to the server and your local machine (ofc if you are playing a campaign locally then you can play any map you have installed to your computer). So to make sure that you have the same files that our server has I suggest that you download the maps from our topics in this section as opposed to other websites to ensure you have the same version as our server. Any broken download links or maps that are not the latest version release please kindly leave a post detailing this information in the topic for that map.

Signed Runner

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